Today I was in need of some inspiration. I went back and listened to 4 albums that helped drive me to write a lot of my songs. As a lot of you may know, I started out with a 90s hip hop vibe. Many of those songs were inspired by Joey Badass' "1999". As I was listening to "1999", I was instantly returned to my core foundation in rap. The smooth melodies and intricate lyrics put me in a space that I have not been in quite some time. Though "1999" did prove inspirational, it wasn't enough. I then found myself listening to another classic album, "Late Registration" by Kanye West. "WAKE UP MR. WEST" echoed through my earphones and I was in bliss. Whatever happened to that Kanye? By the last track, I still wasn't felling too inspired. The next album up was Drake's "Nothing Was The Same". This album is directly linked to a lot of my songs. I find myself coming back to this album a lot, whether it be because I'm feeling uninspired or just vibing out. This album is one of the more solid albums in recent time. After listening to "Nothing Was The Same" I finally picked up the pen, but I wasn't completely convinced that I was ready to write, so I pulled up one more album to listen to: "Reasonable Doubt" by Jay Z. To think, at one point I didn't like Jay Z's all. Now I can't even get inspired without listening to this classic. I found myself asking why I didn't listen to this first. I didn't even make it all the way through the album because I was so ready to write, and write I did. All in all I was able to begin a song that I believe will come out very nice. With that being said, I want to know what 4 albums inspire you when you're feeling less inclined and why. Leave a comment below, I'm very excited to see your choices.


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