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xii Gold Standard T-Shirt Giveaway  

As a token of my appreciation to all my fans, I am doing an xii Gold Standard T-Shirt giveaway. As most of you know, I had been away from music for a while. To celebrate the fans who stuck around during my hiatus and the new fans that are now catching on, I am giving you all a shot at winning a free xii Gold Standard T-shirt. I will be announcing 10 winners right here on the Hub page on 9/16/16 at 10pm.
  • Fill out the form at the bottom of the "Hub" page
  • Share at least one song from the "Music" page to the preferred social media profile you choose/chose
  • Tag me @dbakezxii (Twitter/Instagram) or Dbakez (Facebook) 
  • Hashtag xiiPonRoll 
Best of luck to you all!